About JabJab

PureJab is a representation of the Caribbean Culture during the Caribbean Carnival Parade, in which you can immerse yourself in the most colorful and vibrant festivities of the Caribbean people.

To most people the Caribbean Carnival is a festive celebration that typically includes colorful parades and public streets parties; however, Caribbean Carnival has a historical connotation. Carnival in the Caribbean has a complicated birthright: It’s tied to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom and celebration.

The term “jab jab” (believed to be originated in the island of Grenada) was originated at the beginning of the Caribbean Carnival Celebration. Jab Jab is a consciousness in action, an awareness, fueled by a passion.

To understand Jab Jab, you have to understand the historical concept. Before the emancipation of slavery, the french slaves-master did not allow the slaves to partake in carnival celebration. After emancipation, the enslaved Africans were able to take part in the masquerade and began using burnt molasses from the sugar cane plantation to paint themselves black and greasy as a commemoration of their freedom. The word jab has its roots in the French word "Diable," meaning "devil."

In Haiti there is the Lanse Kod, who are masquerading people that paint themselves as black greasy as possible, to resemble the African slaves, and carries ropes and chain, as a representation of the brutality of slavery and the Haitian freedom In 1804. This very context is the essence of the Trinidadian Jab Molassie, [Molassie come from the French patois Mélasse, meaning Molasses] and the Grenadian Jab Jab. (Sean Lewis)

There are different opinions as to the true origin of Jab masquerade. Trinidad and Tobago is historically known as the birth place of the Caribbean Carnival with its iconic Jab Molassie or Blue Devils, but Grenadians claimed that playing jab originated in Grenada. Regardless of the origination, Jab Jab masquerade is the dramatization and the mocking of the wrong done by African ancestors by white colonialists.

Therefore, as a people we are the essence Jab Jab; a people who embrace the consciousness of the Jab Jab, we should not let that awareness remain in the historical past. Let it be active. Use it and promote it as the awareness in the continued fight for freedom and human rights for the many people around the world (Sean Lewis).

Let us remain pure and true to our culture as we remember and celebrate our past and the Jab Jab essence, through the Purelab masquerade band.